Study Area

The study areas for our research project are located in the Black Forest, Austria and Sweden. However, there is already discussion with representatives from other countries where we hope to carry out research using the same methods. Areas of interest include those in which capercaillie occur and wind turbines are planned or already exist. The Black Forest sites are distributed throughout the whole of the Black Forest. The areas in Austria are in Styria and Carinthia. In Sweden areas of the Dalarna County were incorporated. In cooperation with forest owners, foresters and hunters in the areas, research methods and collection will be planned and discussed. Areas in which wind energy facilities are already planned are particularly relevant for the before-after studies. Furthermore, not every method will be used in each location. As each area is different, methods which are appropriate and applicable for one area may not be in another.

If you are aware of an area in which capercaillie occur and there are already plans for a wind energy facility, please contact us. We are happy to receive such information. It is possible we could find suitable areas in which to carry out our study.