Grouse and Wind Power

This map depicts the wind power facilities (both in operation and in planning) which we are currently aware of being in grouse habitat. However, we realize that this map is incomplete. If you know of further wind power facilities in grouse habitats, we would be most grateful for this information. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Using the Dropdown-Menu, you can select countries, regions or grouse species. Additionally, the map contains detailed information for each individual location. The capercaillie distribution map is created in cooperation with many local specialists, the IUCN and Birdlife International. The map has options to show either the European capercaillie distribution or the distributions of all other European grouse species. Unfortunately, we do not have up-to-date distribution maps for black grouse, hazel grouse or ptarmigan. On the IUCN website you can find species distribution maps: IUCN Red List